Analog Temperature Controller

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Anupam's 2000D are blind temperature controllers with deviation meter and without deviation meter respectively. They are most rugged, reliable, economical and widely accepted solution for Plastic molding, Laminating, Heat sealing & Pharmaceutical machines. They are useful in many other temperature applications like ovens, furnaces, dryers, chemical plants, Foundry etc.


  • Thermocouple and Pt-100 Inputs
  • Several ranges
  • Automatic ambient temperature Compensation
  • Thermocouple break protection
  • On/Off or proportional control
  • Attractive dial for setting
  • Modular design
Element Type Specification
Inputs Fe/K,Cr/Al, Pt-Pt Rh & other thermocouples, Pt-100, Pt-50 RTD's....etc....
Range 0-100,0-400,0-600, 0-1200, 900-1600°C.... etc....
Setting With knob and attractive calibrated dial.
Set Point Accuracy ±0.8% of Span
Output Relay rated 230V/10A
Control On-Off or Time Proportional. On-Off control with 2°C dead band.
Time Proportional control with ±2°C hysteresis & 15 second time cycle.
Time Proportional Control as per the application.
Deviation Meter Nippon 2000D is with -20°C to +20°C deviation indicator showing deviation between set and process temperature.
L.E.D. Indicators Green L.E.D. indicaters relay on.
Red L.E.D. indicaters relay off.
Box Size Modular design in
96H x 96W x 100D DIN size box
72H x 72W x 100D DIN size box
48H x 48W x 100D DIN size box
DIN Rail Box
Supply : 230 VAC ± 10% 50HZ


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