Micro Coil Heaters

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Micro Coil Heater is a high performance heater for smaller diameter Nozzles and Nozzle Tips that can also be formed in grooves to create three dimensional heating applications. Owing to their small cross-sectional dimensions, Micro Coil Heater is most often connected at both ends and do not permit the integration of a thermocouple.

Micro Coil Heater

The Controlled atmosphere annealing at the end of the manufacturing process allows the bending of this type of Micro Coil Heater into very complex shapes with extremely narrow bending radius. Passing through this process helps the Micro Coil Heater have total flexibility in the distribution of heating density on the whole surface of the heated body.

To ensure that the standard 1000 mm PTFE-insulated connection cable can be positioned at one end, despite the standard two-ended connection of the element, in most cases the Micro Coil Heater is formed into a hairpin shape and wound in a parallel format. Our unformed Micro Coil Heater is also supplied in the hairpin bend shape as standard. Micro Coil Heater solves heating problems, where space is limited.

  • Blow Molding Machine
  • Extrusion Machine
  • Hot Runner System
  • Injection Molding Machine
  • Thermoforming Machine
Standard cross sections * (MM)
- 1.6 1.8
1.3 X 2.2 - -

*More sizes available on request

Wattage ± 10 %
Max. Sheath Temperature 750 ° C / 1380 ° F
Insulation Resistance ≥ 5 MΏ at
500V (DC)
Max. straight length 2000 mm
Sheath Material Stainless steel
or Nickel
Max. Surface Load 4 W/sq. cm or 25 W/sq. inch
Min. Coiling ID 8 mm


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